awareness is cool, but like… not if we get stuck in the realm of insight. therefore, in my work with clients, we eventually circumvent the conscious mind – the place from which we discuss, dissect and analyse – and instead focus on the subconscious, which, as neuroscience indicates, drives 95% of human behaviour.

the programming the subconscious mind runs on is almost entirely solidified by the time we reach age 7; therefore, any belief systems, behavioural patterns or potential traumas that we have adopted, experienced or repeatedly observed during these formative years will, to this day, inform how we perceive (and create) reality and how we move through life.

when we have a conscious aim we wish to achieve that isn’t supported by our underlying subconscious blueprint, it can feel like we’re stuck and like our goals are unattainable. deep-seated subconscious beliefs like «i’m not good enough» can prevent us from moving forward in the direction of the life we really want.

the ease-filled way of creating lasting behavioural change and more ease and flow in our lives and businesses is to reprogram our limiting subconscious beliefs to align with the dreams, goals and wishes of our conscious mind.

kind words

«i felt like a computer being reprogrammed. it was easy, extremely powerful and one of the coolest experiences i’ve ever had with healing and subconscious work.»

–sarah salinas, human design reader in texas

«nadia is incredibly good at what she does and so present. working with her has had a profound impact on me and the results have been nothing short of magical.»

–carlen altman, actress in los angeles

«our work together helped me to stop hiding in my relationships with others. i feel more confident in my body, and even though i’m not the perfect size, i was able to confidently wear a bathing suit to the beach this summer. i feel so seen and aware of how my energy is affecting my environment now. i am more sure of the things I want, and more aware of the things i do not want. this last bit set an entire career pivot in motion as i have greater clarity, awareness and discernment about what it is that i want.»

–tia marie, intuition coach in massachusetts