for: those ready to begin rewriting decades-old limiting narratives & live with more ease

what to expect from your intro session: we establish the foundation for our work together by determining where you stand currently and what your goals are and take our first steps towards addressing the limiting beliefs or patterns that have been holding you back so that you can start operating from a new, self-chosen narrative that is aligned with your conscious goals and desires.

have a look at this testimonial from one of my long-term clients in which she shares the concrete shifts she has experienced since working together.

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for: those looking to go deeper after their intro session

what to expect from «next level»: look, i’ve got a lot more tricks up my sleeve for those who are committed to taking their journey to the next level. if you are looking for a long term container of deep transformation, guidance and accountability tailored to your unique subconscious blueprint and your personal set of goals, we will take it from there after your intro session.

have a look at this testimonial from one of my long-term clients in which she shares the concrete shifts she has experienced going through the next level curriculum.

only available for existing clients after their intro session

for: entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, creatives, practitioners, biz owners willing to do the inner work to benefit their ,work’ work

what to expect from «energy + strategy»: just like our general reality, our businesses are a reflection of our subconscious beliefs. «energy + strategy» is a 1:1 coaching curriculum in which we look at your business (and the way you do business) through the lens of the subconscious patterning that begets a large percentage of your daily actions. we identify the gaps between your subconscious beliefs and what you are consciously looking to create in your business. using energetic, strategic and practical tools and creative methodologies, i will gradually guide you to align your energy with your strategy so you can build your capacity to hold your vision and make the impact you are here to make – and do so from a place of ease.

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for: bitter or burnt out human design projectors in business who cannot even

what to expect from «projectors in biz»: projectors aren’t designed for the hustle or to implement someone else’s overly sales-y strategies that don’t feel aligned with our essence. we are here to attain success (reminder: our literal signature) by using our energy wisely & strategically. most projectors have been deeply conditioned to believe we must fit into a work environment geared towards sacral beings. the «projectors in biz» 1:1 coaching curriculum serves as a reset in which i guide you with the energetic, strategic and creative tools i have acquired over the past decade; merging my expertise in biz building & consulting using creative methodologies with subconscious work to clear belief ceilings and help you know your own value, because… talk is one thing, but taking the time to actually change the patterning that keeps you from doing biz the way you were energetically designed… that will make all the difference. basically, i’m here to help you show up in your professional life as the person you truly are instead of who you thought you needed to be to succeed.

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